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Big breasted Dominica Angi

Rating: 5.60

Dominica spits on her sexy high heels

Sexy Dominica sits on her black leather couch. She wears a pink top. You can get a good view on her big breasts through it! In addition she wears a knee-high, black pair of boots with high heels. She looks fucking gorgeous wearing this outfit! And to complete the nice view she starts to spit on their boots. The white spit makes a good contrast to the black color of her boots so you can easily watch the saliva running along them to the ground. When she recognizes that a lot of spit runs to the floor she uses the soles of her boots to rub it. She slowly raises her legs and you can see some tiny threads of spit. But she wants to do more than only spit on her boots! So she starts to spit on her hands too. Now there are also threads of spit between them... Hmmm, doesn't it look really taste...!?


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