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Sexy Kira

Rating: 6.50

I spit on my body

This time Kira took off all her clothes – Just for you! She stands in front of her bed and has nothing else on her mind than covering her hot body with a lot of spit! She gathers so much spittle in her mouth that she can blow up her cheeks. The saliva runs along her chin until it reaches her perfect breasts! With her hands she spreads the whole spit until her body gleams. But she also spits on her sexy pussy! And because she feels naughty she plays a little bit with her pussy too. While doing so she spreads the spit long-range, that's sure... Because of so much spit it is not surprisingly that the ground will become wet too. With her feet she rubs through the paddle of spit. And the end she looks very happy, shows her face in front of the camera – Of course with a lot of threads of spit!


Liona & Nikky
We love spit!
I want to spit!
I spit on me!
More and more spit...!