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Red Hair Nikky

Rating: 4.33

Lick Nikky's dirty spit covered boots!

Today Nikky wears some really beautiful pieces of clothing. She wears a black, sexy and very small dress. In addition she also wears some black boots. At first she thought about going out and make some party. But then she becomes really naughty! It is a great pity that there are only few people sharing her passion so she decides to stay at home and have some fun alone. But let's see what else happens later on... She spits on her hands and rubs the saliva gently with her fingers. But there is already some spit running along her arm to her elbow. In the meantime a big drip of spit gathered at her lips. When she recognizes it she uses one of her fingers to put him into her mouth again! But her boots also get a lot of spit and they shall sparkle because of the spit! Maybe she decides to go out after all... But do you know something she could do...?


Alya's spit is soo hot!
Kira & Nikky
Spitting fun with two lesbians
Liona & Nikky
We love spit!
I want to spit!