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Extreme spitting Malika

Rating: 7.70

Malikas huge paddle of spit - extreme!

Malika really loves spittle! She can not do anything else than to play with saliva as much as possible...! She already has taken care of a large paddle of spit on her desk. The whole spittle and snot nearly equals a small ocean... With her fingers she moves through the mash. The saliva is so thick and glutinous that she can raise it a little bit with her fingers – only to bring it all back into her mouth! But she doesn't keep it in her mouth for long and let it flow back onto the desk again – only with one goal: To slurp the paddle with her mouth again! And to get as much spit as possible into her mouth she also lick her smirched fingers clean again... All the time thick and long threads of spittle and saliva are visible between her fingers and the desk – an extreme spitting action!!!


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