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Naked Malika

Rating: 7.14

Malikas naked spit session

This time Malika stays in front of the kitchen alone. She thought about making the dishes but has decided to do something else now: To cover her sexy body with a lot of spittle! She starts to take off her top until you can see her nice breasts. Soon she gathers a large drip of saliva and spits it onto her breasts. She plays with her fingers along her nipples and spreads the whole saliva. She squeezes her tits and has a lot of fun doing so! But her sexy butt also needs some wetness. Soon a huge amount of spit and her fingers are on her nearly perfect butt checks and grasp them firmly! But then she has another idea... She fills a glass with her spit. Now she can spread the spittle much better! And because her unshaved pussy got nothing until now she decides to change it! She knees down, spreads her legs and puts the glas onto her mouth and let the spit flow down from her tongue, between her tits to the already waiting pussy! And her pussy will get a lot of attention now! With her fingers she rubs her pussy, spreads even more saliva and puts her finger also in her hot and wet hole – now also the last part of her body is covered with spittle...!


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