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Big breasted Stella

Rating: 6.67

Stella spits in the kitchen

The red haired Stella doesn't like to clean the dishes! But today it is something else she wants to do – because this time she prefers to play with her nice spittle instead of cooking or washing! She spits on the cold kitchen's desk until a small spit and saliva paddle can be seen. She looks cheeky with her big breasts. Her tits are more visible than hided by her bra. Soon she bends over to collect the spit with her tongue again and lick the desk clean again. The desk feels cold and slushy but Stella slurps the whole spit with her mouth. Eventually she decides to spit on the ground too! Between her red lacquered toes you can easily see the spit glimmering – but she continues to rub it all over...!

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