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Sexy girls Liona & Nikky

Rating: 4.00

We love spit!

The two cute girls Liona and Nikky are a little bit shy! But of course the two gorgeous teens also love to cover their bodies with an amount of spit you can never image. Both girls are standing in front of the couch and Liona leans backward a little bit while Nikky takes the initiative. She starts to spit onto the body of her friend. Yet her friend Liona is a little bit shy. The saliva runs along her body to the ground but Nikky already knows what she has to do to ensure that her friend Liona will feel more comfortable soon. With her fingers she moves to her pussy which is already covered with spittle and she starts to stroke her. Now Liona can not hold it anymore. She leans backward, spreads her legs and seems to feel really nice! At least she wants to cover the body of her friend Nikky with saliva too. Nikky spreads out her perfect ass and Liona immediately starts to spit on her butt. The spittle moves its way between her sexy ass cheeks and Liona wants to spread her hot cheeks even more so you can watch the spittle running along Nikky's tight asshole... I bet you want to be there too and join them, won't you...!?


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