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Petite Rianna

Rating: 3.67

I want to spit!

Rianna's friends told her how much fun it is to play with saliva! They told her it is a great pleases! Of course she decides to find out by herself... She put on a pair of tight, black boots. The boots are nearly knee-high. In addition she wears a red top and an incredible short jeans-skirt. Slowly she starts... She spits on her nice boots. Some saliva lands onto the ground. With the soles of her boots she plays with the spit. She raises them a little bit so threads of saliva are between the soles and the floor. It seems she has a lot of fun because she soon starts to spit onto her hands to and rub them together. Of course also some threads of spit are between her hands and fingers after moving them together and back again... I'm sure she had so much fun that she will try it out soon again...!


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