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Last update: 2014-11-14
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Big breasted Olivia

Rating: 0.00

Olivia - Sexy body and lot of spit!

Sexy Olivia sits completely naked at the bed table - she looks awesome! Then she starts to spit at her huge tits and lets the saliva run down towards and between her legs... Just watch her spitting at her hot, nude body while she continues to spit - and then spread her legs, so you can get a very nice view of her tight, shaved and wet pussy!

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Big breasted spitting queen Stella

Rating: 10.00

Sexy spitting games

After Stella has warmed up herself in the kitchen she want to continue her playing in the bathroom now... She has already taken off her clothes. Now you can see her nice and big boobs in their entirety. Her body already gleams because of the whole spit but of course she that's not enough for her and she just begins with her playing...! She spits on her huge tits, plays with them, squeezes them and spits on them again and again. But not only her breasts will be treated well. Here pussy gets a lot of saliva too! You can already recognize a large amount of spittle in the short hairs... But that's sill not enough for her so she...

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Girlfriends Dizzy & Malika

Rating: 9.25

Dizzy and Malika like to spit on each other

Dizzy and Malika really like spit! They like it so much that they fill two wine glasses with their spit. And they like to drink and swallow it too! But they also like to kiss each other. While doing so the spit runs out of their sexy mouths - but that doesn't stop them. They gargle until the the saliva lands on their hot tits. Because there is still not enough spittle on their breasts they spit on them too! But they don't want to waste the valuable liquid so they start to lick off the spit from their breasts and nipples – only with the result that there is more and more spit on their fucking hot bodies! Soon they can't resist and have to touch and spit on their tight pussies too! What do you think...? Do you want join them...?

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