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Always naughty Nikky

Rating: 5.75

Nikky likes to play at the evening...

At first Nikky thought about going into her bed soon. But then she had another great idea: She can take off her clothes and spit on her sexy body! Wow, just look at this gorgeous body! Perfect breasts! A perfect butt! And a sexy and tight pussy too! There is only one thing missing: A huge amount of saliva! But this is something she can change very soon... So she starts to spit onto her nice titties. She is very agile and spreads the spit all over her body. But her pussy wants something to so she knees down and spits again. A thin trickle flows along her sexy pussy. While doing so she smiles and is very happy about her idea. You can easily recognize how much fun she has... But then she starts to spit on the rack too, leans forward and plays with her fingers in the paddle on the rack. She seems to dream. There is one last thing she still needs to her perfect fortune... do you like to join her to solve the problem...!?


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Liona & Nikky
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